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Comments from a Message Board of Former LaRouche Organization Members [posted December 11, 2010 ]

Letter from the Editor, Washington Monthly: Says Ken Kronberg’s death marks death of LaRouche organization   [posted December 27, 2007 ]

Kevin Drum’s blog in Washington Monthly of Oct. 29 calls Avi Klein’s article “intensely fascinating”   [posted December 27, 2007 ]

Scott McLemee’s blog says that in wake of Ken Kronberg’s death, LaRouche organization is being forced to come up with money for the IRS, being probed by FEC   [posted December 27, 2007 ]
Kate Sheppard blogs about Avi Klein article in the liberal American Prospect   [posted December 27, 2007 ]
Commenting in the conservative Commentary, on Kate Sheppard’s blog   [posted December 27, 2007 ]
Wall Street Journal reflects on Klein’s article (a lengthier piece appeared in hardcopy Wall Street Journal of Nov. 9 on p. B5)   [posted December 27, 2007 ]
Newest thread on former LaRouche members’ message board: LaRouche Continued, 4   [posted December 27, 2007 ]

Publish and Perish, The mysterious death of Lyndon LaRouche's printer, Washington Monthy , By Avi Klein [posted October 27, 2007 ]

New site by Ex-LaRouche Members dedicated to Ken Kronberg and Jeremiah Duggan
[posted October 27, 2007 ]
Apocalypse Pretty Soon
[posted October 27, 2007 ]
The death of Kenneth Kronberg, Based on an interview with his widow, Molly Kronberg [posted October 27, 2007 ]
LaRouche Continued 3. Three hundred messages seems a good cut-off and time to start a new thread. [posted September 30, 2007 ]
LaRouche daily briefing in 1981 included suicide joke about another NCLC printer [posted September 26, 2007 ]
Eaglebeak comments on LaRouche's "Riemann" Memo [posted September 26, 2007 ]
Crisis In The LaRouche Cult [posted September 2, 2007 ]
LaRouche Can't Keep His Story Straight Re The Kronberg Suicide [posted September 2, 2007 ]
LaRouche Continued 2. "it has taken forever to load the LaRouche Continued 1 thread, so it seems like time to start yet another one". 
[posted September 2, 2007 ]
LaRouche Puts Yet Another Spin On The Kronberg Suicide. [posted September 2, 2007 ]

HYPOCRITE! LaRouche attacks Kronberg's widow for donating money to the Bush-Cheney campaign [posted September 2, 2007 ]

Ex-Followers of LaRouche respond to his sliming of Molly Kronberg [posted August 22, 2007 ]
LaRouche Slimes Kronberg's Widow [posted August 22, 2007 ]
New message thread on [posted August 11, 2007 ]
Dennis King's article "Lyndon LaRouche and the Art of Inducing Suicides" [posted July 23, 2007 ]

LaRouche response to Dennis King[posted July 28, 2007 ]

Stopping LaRouche before more lives are destroyed.

Wikipedia - Lyndon LaRouche

"The LaRouche Youth Movement" article in Inside Higher Education  [posted July 15, 2007 ]
LaRouche's letter to Molly Kronberg with Dennis King's comments  [posted July 15, 2007 ]
Skull / Bones BLOG

Message board of former LaRouche members. The server is sometimes slow - be patient.   [posted February 19, 2008 ]   [posted January 28, 2008 ] [posted August 11, 2007 ]

See mostly posting from April 18-23, 2007.
In these posts LaRouche is the Archon, Helga LaRouche is Mrs. Archon, and Beltran is The Prince.

Justice for Jeremiah

Falls Church News Press Article:
How I Explain LaRouche, Written by Nicholas F. Benton
[posted July 4, 2007 ]

News and information from and about the world of Lyndon Larouche [posted July 4, 2007 ]